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OZ May 17, 2006 08:25

Cfx methodlogy
Hello Everybody

I am kite of CFX.Could you please tell me about Free Surface Methodlogy of CFX. As far as I understood that there is two way to solve free surface simulation on CFX. First is Free Surface by VOF methods and second one is under multiphase flow by Eularian Method. If I am wrong please correct me.

Lastly how can i figure out that my license includes Free Surface by VOF methods for Ansys CFX 10.Now I can see free Surface simulation at my structure tree under Multiphase.



HekLer May 17, 2006 13:09

Re: Cfx methodlogy
Homogenous multiphase (two phase/one velocity field) free surface comes with the basic solver capability.

Inhomogenous multiphse (two phase/two velocity fields) free surface requires a multiphase key or full solver capability.

OZ May 18, 2006 08:57

Re: Cfx methodlogy
Thanks your response HekLer. My simulation is homogenous model.

I did not take my question's answer indeed . If anybody has any experience please gives me a hand to figure out.

Free Surface simulations by VOF and Eularian on CFX? Both of methods have different surfactant mechanics.the difference between Vof and Eularin is as shown below


The interface is captured by the volume fraction


Continuum Surface Force

Surface tension is added to the momentum equation(a very thin volume near the interface)

According to Solver Modelling reference of CFX there is only one way to solve Free surface simulations by Eularian. I could not find information about VOF interface capturing. But According to CFX capalities chart there are two ways to solve F.S simulations.Anyway...



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