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Felix May 18, 2006 14:23

CFX 10.0 to Tecplot in .cgns
Hi there,

I'm trying to export a .res file from CFX 10.0 to Tecplot 10.0 in CGNS format but I get the messages "Connectivity contains unsupported element" and "Number of connectivities != Number of elements, CGNS Files may contains unsupported Element Types". My case just includes common cells (tri,tetra,penta,hexa,pyra).

I read an earlier post on the same problem and the answer was: < Set the system environment CFX5_EXPORT_CGNS_TECPLOT = 1 and use Tecplot 10 to import you cgns data file. >

I tried to set this variable in the .bat file I use to start CFX but got no result. Anyone got another idea ??

Thanks a lot,


Felix May 22, 2006 15:38

Re: CFX 10.0 to Tecplot in .cgns
Nobody have an idea?

luo June 11, 2006 22:30

Re: CFX 10.0 to Tecplot in .cgns
try with hex mesh, tet mesh may fail

Felix June 12, 2006 08:57

Re: CFX 10.0 to Tecplot in .cgns
Thanks Luo, I had already noticed that. However tetrahedral mesh is best suited for my geometry.

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