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vijesh joshi May 21, 2006 06:57

turbulence decision???
Hello everybody. I am simulating a hypersonic flow problem over a wedge shaped body and many other bodies. when i opted "laminar"case, it showed the error that "reynolds number is very high" and coverges suddenly to a wrong value. Then I switched on to Turbulence K-e model(medium 5%), then I got the correct results. But for K-e model with "1% or 10%above" I was unable to obtain the correct results. Can any one explain what acually happened ??? (I have standard results to compare) Thanks in advance. Regards VVJ

PetrK May 21, 2006 14:37

Re: turbulence decision???
Try the SST.

Adam May 24, 2006 09:30

Re: turbulence decision???
Best go and read a book on turbulence modelling I'm afraid, as it would take too long to explain why on this site.



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