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Julian May 21, 2006 13:09

Drag Coefficient
Hi, there!

I'm a new usser of the CFX 10.0. I'm working at EADS Aerodynamics Department. And I'd like to know how can I get the CD with CFX 10.0. Or I'd like to know how can I do it with Ensight 8.0,


Vijesh Joshi May 23, 2006 08:19

Re: Drag Coefficient
Hi...I think you ahve to know the drag force, dynamic pressure and reference area to calculate the drag coefficient. You can calculate dynamic pressure as = 0.5*density*velocity*velocity and Reference area depends on the geometric model. CFX witll give you drag force value. Go to POST, Load the result file, click the calculator, choose "force", select the direction of drag (x,y or z), choose the surface of the geometry on which drag has to be calculated and thats it. click "calculate". It will give the drag value... Regards, VVJ.

Vijesh Joshi May 23, 2006 08:23

Re: Drag Coefficient
Hello Julian, I am would like to be your friend. I am working on the drag reduction problem. I am working as project trainee in Indian Institute of Science- Bangalore (Inda). I am an Indian. If you are interested, then please mail me. My mail-id is Regards, VVJ

Juian May 23, 2006 15:05

Re: Drag Coefficient
Thanks a lot, your advise was very usefull.

Take care!

klaas May 23, 2006 17:45

Re: Drag Coefficient
i am working also on drag reduction meaby i can be your friend too? i try to reduce the drag of a rotating wheel

Vijesh Joshi May 23, 2006 23:55

Re: Drag Coefficient
Hi Klaas, feeling very happy to be your friend. You said your problem is to reduce the drag on a rotating wheel. Can you please elaborate on rotating wheel. Is there any friction or something? With the drag value on this wheel, what further studies will be done? Please let me know. Regards, VVJ.

klaas May 24, 2006 05:50

Re: Drag Coefficient
well i try to determine the lowest drag in form and there is no other friction then air so it must be in the form and the ideal in differant angle´s

as well a disc wheel as a spoked wheel

we are talking about a bike wheel

Vijesh Joshi May 25, 2006 01:50

Re: Drag Coefficient
Hi Klaas, I have not worked on form drag problems. I dont have much knowledge in this problem. Anyhow , I will work on this after some time. Presently I have exams. I will mail you again. Regards, VVJ

klaas May 25, 2006 07:40

Re: Drag Coefficient

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