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Kiran May 26, 2006 23:19

Hi all, I am planning to install CFX on my system. But, I do not know anything about it....Does it have a built-in preprocessor, or do I need another software (Gambit for FLUENT), which is the latest verwion, is it compatible with windows etc etc etc????...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Regards.

deLuther May 27, 2006 17:10

CFX has physical preprocessor it means that mesh must be created somewhere else. Best ways is using ANSYS software there is CFX-MESH, CFX-CAD2MESH and ICEM CFD. CFX-CAD2MESH is "light" version of ICEM (maybe I am a little wrong). CFX-MESH is product based on proprietary mesher from early version of CFX, but updated for use in ANSYS Workbench. Latest version is 10, and it compatible with windows (32 and 64 bits). CFX can read GridGen, Patran neutral, CGNS, NASTRAN, GridPro. Of course it reads ANSYS formats: ICEM, its own format and ANSYS. Fluent mesh can be read through ICEM, but ICEM has much more power than GAMBIT, so better use ICEM. IMHO.

Kiran May 27, 2006 21:02

Thanks a lot for the info deLuther...Does that mean that I can generate the model (and mesh it) in ANSYS and run the analysis in CFX? I already have ANSYS 8.0....and one more I need an X server (or any other software) to run CFX?...Thanks again for the help!! Regards..

Michaud May 28, 2006 11:47

Re: ANSYS CFX Info - got CFX for free
In France we have cfx for free with sufficient ANSYS licenses. It is good; sales guys don't really care as we can have fluent as well now....


deLuther May 28, 2006 15:13

Yes, you can generate model in ANSYS, but creating CFD mesh in ICEM is a lot easier. But for simple geometries... why not? To get this mesh into CFX you will need to create 3D region(s) for flow and 2d regions for BC. Because CFX is 3D only solver. See CFX documentation. You do not need any X server, CFX has "native" win32 version. Just install and run.

TG May 28, 2006 19:51

Re: ANSYS CFX Info - got CFX for free
You don't have cfx for free - all you have is the ability to run fewer ansys jobs than before because someone is using those licenses for cfx. If you had too many ansys licenses and were not using them, then you overpaid for ansys. Ansys does not give things away for free.

Bert May 30, 2006 14:17

Re: ANSYS CFX Info - got CFX for free
Actually it is possible, for the same amount of ansys license the sales guy can throw cfx licenses. It is standard practice now.


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