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Neser May 31, 2006 21:26

particle tracking collection tank

My system have two domains. The I st one is the main one and have all the injection points. The 2nd one is under the 1st one (it is actually works as a collection tank).

I got the following massage in CFX solver

Particle Fate diagnostics Particle type Fate type Particles CoCam2 Aqu Entered domain: 4000

Exceeded time limit: 2558

Exceeded integration limit: 1442

I think that I got this fate diagnostics because domain two (the collection tank) has only one boundary condition (particles inlet from the 1st domain) without any output. i.e. particles could not leave the domains. Therefore, particle fate types is exceed time and integration limit.

Moreover, I got bade convergence this is because I lost many particle momentum in the vertical direction

My question is that: 1. Can I do particle tracking in the domain 1 only. or, 2. Can CFX solver work for domain 1 only, or 3. Any other suggestions


Joe June 1, 2006 10:06

Re: particle tracking collection tank
Having particles settle out and "disappear" (after the time and/or integration limit is exceeded) isnt a problem for CFX.

So you can track particles in domain 1 & 2.

Your poor convergence may be due to an unrelated issue.

If you want advice on this post pics of your geometry+mesh and your command file.

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