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Vijesh Joshi June 1, 2006 04:29

Hi friends, I have simulated the flow over a blunt body (supersonic flow) and I have obtained the results. But, during the process, first i tried with "laminar flow", solver converged but the reslults were wrong. Then I set "K-epsilon Turbulence model with less than 1% option". That also converged but results were wrong. But with "medium 5% option" I got the results which were acceptable. CAN ANYBODY EXPLAIN ME "WHY IT HAPPENED SO?" AND "WHERE I CAN GET THE GOVERNING EQUATION OF THIS MEDIUM 5%-TURBULENCE?". I AM ABOUT TO PRESENT A SEMINAR ON THIS PROBLEM. PLEASE HELP. Thanks in advance. REGARDS VVJ.

Joe June 1, 2006 09:04

Re: URGENT!!!!!!
You shouldnt be using a CFD code if you have little to no understanding of the physics underlying fluid dyanmics AND a reasonable grasp of numerical methods for solving PDEs.

(1) Put down your keyboard and pick up a textbook ... (2) Google for "forum etiquette" ...

Poldu June 1, 2006 17:01

Re: URGENT!!!!!!
Haven't you read some paper on the subject or article on

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