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AP June 1, 2006 09:43

Rotating cavity - heat transfer problem
Hi All,

I am doing CFD analysis with heat transfer on steam turbine rotating cavity (one wall rotates and the other stationary and flow between them). I am using adiabatic walls. I have following doubts;

1. I have found HTC using Nusselt number equation, where Nu is found using Re, Pr. All are done using expressions. To find Re, which velocity; relative or absolute, I have to use?

2. On rotor or on stator,I can expect higher HTC?

Kindly help...

Regards AP

Ram June 5, 2006 04:01

Re: Rotating cavity - heat transfer problem

I believe for HTC on rotor surfaces, you need to use V rel in your Re definition and for HTC on stator walls, you need to use Vabs in your Re

In general, if my understanding is correct, depending on your swirl pattern, you may see a variation of HTC from Rotor to stator.

Hope this helps


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