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Ivan June 2, 2006 15:14

CFX Expression Statement
I am trying to modeling 3 periodic boundary conditions in CFX and I want to use an IF.THEN.STATEMENT in the expression editor. CFX doesn't seem to recognize "IF", does anyone know how to write this type of expression within CFX expression editor?

Joe June 2, 2006 16:42

Re: CFX Expression Statement
Depends on what exactly you are trying to do.

Perl code can be included in CFXpre session and CCL files.

Search for "perl" in the manual ...

Glenn Horrocks June 4, 2006 18:18

Re: CFX Expression Statement

CEL does not support If/then/else statements. You can do the same functionality using the step statement. You can also do it using Perl statements as Joe says, but that is evaluated once as the simulation starts and is not re-evaluated as the simulation proceeds.

Glenn Horrocks

Robin June 5, 2006 11:42

Re: CFX Expression Statement
Hi Ivan,

If you need more complicated logic than what is available through standard CEL, you can write a user CEL function in FORTRAN instead.

That said, what is it you are trying to do? There may be another way to accomplish this without your logic statements.

Regards, Robin

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