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macdidi June 7, 2006 08:50

Source term in energy equation
Hello I'm modelling heat transfer between fluid domain and solid. I've to add a souce term in energy equation of solid, This term depend on temperature, time and other variable. I do it using fortran subroutine. But I've this error message in Pre:

The variable 'T' referenced in parameter 'Source' in object '/FLOW/DOMAIN:Product/SUBDOMAIN:Subdomain 1/SOURCES/EQUATION SOURCE:energy' does not have one of the required prefixes: phase or particle.

PS: I define my solid as CHT

opaque June 7, 2006 09:00

Re: Source term in energy equation
Dear macdidi,

The preprocessor is being "picky" that it should.. Just add the prefix to the variable T.. For example, if your solid list includes Copper, just pass the Copper.T variable to your User Fortran.

If that works, please let everyone here knows.

Good luck,


Joe June 7, 2006 09:02

Re: Source term in energy equation
You need to disambiguate which phase the T refers too. I cant remember the exact syntax offhand but its something equivalent to: phase1.T rather than just T.

macdidi June 7, 2006 10:58

Re: Source term in energy equation
Thanks I try youre sugestion and now it's working Thanks a lot

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