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Ahammed Rubel May 12, 2020 10:36

Shear strain rate insertion at Bingham plastic model
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Dear Experts,

I want to simulate magneto-rheological fluid damper. Here I want to use default Bingham Plastic model at CFX. I have calculated Shear Stress for different current density by using APDL Electromagnetic .

Shear Stress average value [(Bmax+Bmin)/2] =3186.55 T. Should I put this value as yield stress?

For a specific shear stress how can I calculate Shear Strain Rate maximum and minimum value.

For Bingham Plastic model which data need to insert?

Opaque May 12, 2020 12:44

A Bingham fluid is defined by its Yield Stress and Viscosity Consistency (see ANSYS CFX documentation for details).

I understand a magneto-rheological fluid as fluid where its properties can be a function of magnetic field variables, say B or H. I would translate that as

Yield Stress = Function F (B or H, Temperature, etc)

Viscosity Consistency = Function G (B, or H, Temperature, etc)

The shear strain rate limits are to control the numerics of how the viscosity is treated in the equations, they are not a physical property of the material.

What are the F and G above? You should look for that information in the literature for that material.

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