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Merkur June 14, 2006 02:14

Ansys Workbanch or Ansys CFD
Hi, What is difference between those applications? Does Ansys CFD contains workbench and design modeler and is workbench enough for analysis?

Thanks, Merkur

deLuther June 14, 2006 03:56

Re: Ansys Workbanch or Ansys CFD
Ansys Workbench is just integrating environment. It does not require any license itself. But for each application(module) you will need license. Without any additional license (like CFX or ICEM) you will have nothing. As I understand, workbench is supplied with CFX.

Merkur June 14, 2006 08:14

Re: Ansys Workbanch or Ansys CFD
Thanks a lot for info about Workbench. I have CFX and it does not have workbench in it self, as I know-I can not locate it? Another one, so even if I have CFX I can not do noting because I do not have ICEM to mash some model created in other CAD system? Is his only way to get mach for CFX? Please advice?

san June 14, 2006 22:44

Re: Ansys Workbanch or Ansys CFD

We can Mesh in any packages like Gambit,Gredgen,Answer etc.

But since i am not much familer with solver i suggest you to check in CFX-Mannual for more details.

Check which format of files that CFX can imoprt the Mesh files.

bye san

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