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strider June 14, 2006 15:12

fluid-porous interface
Hi, I wish to work with a fluid-porous interface but when i get to the point of choosing the Interface Sides, I cannot choose any because there are no «valid domains».

I first thaught that since my porous region was a subdomain, it could not work, so I changed it for a domain that was completely porous. But this operation did not solve the problem.

Have you ever seen this problem before? Are there conditions for the fluid-porous interface that I don't respect or something?

Thanks a lot, any help will be apreciated.


opaque June 14, 2006 15:52

Re: fluid-porous interface
Dear strider,

The fluid porous domain interface only exist if you have at least one fluid and one porous domain.

It is not supported when you are setting up your porous loss model via the subdomain option within a fluid domain.

How many domains do you have? Fluids? Porous?


strider June 15, 2006 13:29

Re: fluid-porous interface
Thank you Opaque, it was the subdomain thing and I solved the problem.


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