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Evan June 15, 2006 13:12

ANSYS ICEM CFD: lsdyna input file creation problem
I'm having trouble getting meshes created from the structured blocking method to have higher order basis functions. Typically, I follow this procedure: 1. Block the geometry 2. Convert premesh to unstructured mesh 3. Smooth mesh for quality 4. Add mid-side nodes for higher order basis functions 5. Write the Input file for LSDYNA

I always get an error with the input file. The part ID, section ID, and none of the nodes or any info relating to the part with higher order basis functions appears in the input file.

If i follow the exact same procedure but remove step 4 so I only have linear basis functions, the input file is created flawlessly.

I've used the mid side node functions for volume meshes created from the automeshers without fail; this is my first time using it for a mesh from the blocking method. Is there a different way to do this for the structured mesh?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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