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zubair June 16, 2006 04:49

superheater physics

We are analyising superheater of a thermal power station. we have modelled one single platen superheater tube inside a furnace.We have tried solving the prob using many optiions and everytime we are encountered with one or more physics prob. our objective of the prob is to study the effects of fire side and steem side deposits on the superheater tube. for this we neeed to use the thermal conductivity.

we defeined the model using 3 domains-one fluid for flue gas flow,another solid domain for steel with thickness of the superheater tube and fluid domain for steam flowing inside the superheater tube.

we are in a fix as to how to connect these 3 domains. if we try interfacing the domains using fluid - solid interfaces, the physics is taking only one material for the both the flue gas and steam even if we have defined different materials for furnace inlet and tube inlet.Can anyone help us out with this prob?????? Is there any other method of solving the prob. Any suggestions

We also tried using multiphase model with the same domains as above but it is not supporting interface of th domains.?????

How to define wall properties to any wall. for example we wish to define the properties of steel to the tube wall. how to do it????? We wish to define certain heat transfer properties like heat transfer coefft to the tube wall which we have also used for interface. how can we do that. Any method any suggestions.

We appreciate any help.

thank you

Joe June 16, 2006 07:26

Re: superheater physics
Post your command file for analysis.

I think CFX can do multiphase conjugate heat transfer? Can anyone else confirm?

If you do eventually solve this as a multiphase problem you wont specify the wall-fluid heat transfer coefficient for each pair ... they are part of the solution.

Glenn Horrocks June 18, 2006 17:31

Re: superheater physics

Yes CFX can do what zubair is talking about. You don't even need a multiphysics license as you set the fire side and steam side domains to be single phase simulations. I think you need to activate a expert parameter to do this. Talk to your support office.

Also Zubair's comment about solid-fluid interfaces not working in multiphase simulations is wrong. It should work fine.

Glenn Horrocks

mohsen June 24, 2006 06:07

hello i need some picture about super heaters or some PDF can you help me?

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