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Reena June 16, 2006 08:28

Particle Tracking

I'm doing particle tracking. I have two different inlets. Inlet 1 = Ideal Air Inlet 2 = Veg Oil (particles)

When defining the inlet properties for inlet2 in CFX-Pre in the second tab it asks me for either mass flow/total P/etc...and I define mass flow rate. However when you move to the third tab (Fluid Values) to definie particle behaviour you have to define mass flow rate again.

My question is, the first mass flow rate I define, is it the combined flow rate of the veg. oil particles + air (being using to atomize it) and is the second mass flow that of the particles alone?

Thank you

Neser25 June 16, 2006 10:08

Re: Particle Tracking
Hi, As fare as i know, the 1st one is for air. Therefore, if you spray oil and air (together from inlet 2) you may define it. If you spray oil only (from inlet 2) then you should define it by zero (I recommend if you selecte velocity =0 not mass flow rate)


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