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CFDworker June 19, 2006 08:49

Vector plotting
Hi, For presentations I wan't to do a .mpg movie using CFX-post (CFX-10). I am post-processing a 2D airfoil with approx. 90.000 cells. Now, I would like to have equally spaced vectors, since this looks nicest for presentations. When i use the "equal space" function for vector plotting I get a pretty high memory usage. In fact I hit the limit and go into swapping when I try to plot 100.000 vectors. Even 1000 vectors seems heavy. When I do other methods (e.g. vertex based) I works nicely. The reason that I need so many vectors is that I have a farily large domain around the airfoil, and I plot vectors for the complete slice even though I only need the view in the vicinity of the airfoil.

Any advice for me?

Robin June 19, 2006 09:58

Re: Vector plotting
At 90k cells, your mesh is quite coarse so the vertex method is coming up with much fewer vectors, hence faster. You can reduce the number of points the equally spaced option creates by putting bounds on your plane to restrict it to the region you are plotting. You will find these controls on the geometry panel of the Plane object definition.

If you used the point and normal method, the center of the plane is at the point you specified. The three point method places the center at the centroid of the three points. All the other methods place the center at the origin of the reference coordinate system. If you need to recenter one of these, best bet is to use the point and normal method.

Regards, Robin

CFDworker June 20, 2006 01:17

Re: Vector plotting
Thank you Robin,

Your tip was helpful. I guess the obvious is often right before you... I narrowed down the slice plane, and now I can create what I want real fast.


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