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Ram June 19, 2006 09:07

Convergence problems with SSG turbulence model
Hi Everyone,

I have to calculate swirling flow in a reactor. First i used k-e model and it converged well. As it is not accurate for swirling flows i tried to calculate with SSG turbulence model. I am getting convergence problems. I tried with very fine mesh, initial guess & interploation of k-e model solution, and different physical time scales, auto time scale etc but in vain.

I used same conditions as for K-e model. Do I need to specify any additional conditions for SSG model to get convergence?

Thank you.

Joe June 19, 2006 10:08

Re: Convergence problems with SSG turbulence model
There is no magic bullet for getting SMC turbulence models to converge properly.

Try a straight run without restarting from a k-e initial guess and other similar experiments.

The convergence fairy often requires you make a concerted effort before she smiles and waves her wand.

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