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Neser25 June 20, 2006 05:29

Swirl flow
My (inlet) is Swirl flow. Actually, Swirl are happened due to pump the flow through a fixed vanes. Therefore, my rig is not a rotating at all. My Swirl number is 1.0.

Is I have to draw these fixed vanes by using workbench (which it is seem very difficult to me) or there a direct way in CFX-pre to define my inlet Swirl

opaque June 20, 2006 08:44

Re: Swirl flow
Dear Nesser25

You should be able to specify the cylindrical velocity components: radial, angular and axial values.

If you know how much swirl you have, you should be able to compute these components.

In case, that you do not know the velocity values but pressure and direction, you can also specify the cylindrical flow direction components.

These options are explained in the boundary condition section for inlets.


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