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Vanessa June 21, 2006 04:59

Small time step and CFX solver crashing
Dear all,

I am running my simulations in CFX with a small time step (1e-005) locally in my computer. My boundary conditions are highly non-linear, so, I need a small time step to "guarantee" convergence.

My problem is that when leaving my simulation running (let's say, all nigh), CFX-Solver crashes with some kind of "memory" error message. However, the funny thing is that because my boundary conditions are in Fortran, I can see a typical black screen with my simulation still running behind. When getting this error message, CFX won't produce any results file, which is quite annoying, but I still can get the values of some available flow variables as I am writing the calculations in .txt files. I have several questions: How do I know that CFX is doing the proper thing when the solver crashes but I still see my simulation running behind in my Fortran screen? how can I prevent this to happen? does anyone has a trick to share?

I hope I made myself clear...comments and suggestions are very welcome!

Kind regards,


Joe June 21, 2006 07:26

Re: Small time step and CFX solver crashing
Make your fortran write out notices when entering and exiting itself into your *.out file.

Vanessa June 21, 2006 09:18

Re: Small time step and CFX solver crashing
Dear Joe,

Can you be a bit more specific? I don't clearly understand how this will help me with my problem!

Thanks in advance,



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