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prabhu June 21, 2006 05:51

storage space exhausted & solver ended with error
hi, I was running a transient simulation, storing the transient results at each timestep. I was parallel processing on 1(master)+8 node cluster. The hard disk space exhausted and the solver halted with error. I want to continue with the simulation from the transient results stored in the .dir folder. When i simply tried to start a new run with latest .trn files as initial value files i got the ERROR: Error creating namemap: G/BCS missing

Please help

regards and thanks

pekkasaarinen July 30, 2009 02:25

solver ended with error "Error creating namemap: G/BCS missing"

The error message indeed is not informative. I had the same thing, and the reason appeared to be that I tried to read the mesh from the initial values file, but it was not there. (In CFX Pre you can decide what things are included in the .trn files.) In Execution control, which selection did you use in the field "Use mesh from"? Probably you should select "Solver input file" instead of "Initial values". However, I could not continue from the last .trn file even after this correction, since my .trn files only contained the velocity data, i.e. they were not full backups, and CFX had deleted the last full backup file when I stopped the run by the STOP button. It was goodbye to my two weeks´run :(.

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