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kamp June 21, 2006 09:38

transitional inlet boundary condition
Hi there,

I'd like to simulate a simplified propeller-wake entering an engine-inlet duct without having to model the propeller blade generating the wake. Therefore, as the propeller periodically interacts with the incomming flow, I intend to setup the inlet boundary condition of the duct in such a way as if the shadow of the blade passed the inlet-plane.

I planned to setup a profiled inlet b.c. which represents one blade wake (e.g. total pressure wake) and to apply it to the inlet in such a way that with each time step it is clockwisely moved a little bit (according to the speed of rotation of the blade). Doing so I hope to get the effect of a wake passing the inlet. I succeeded in applying a periodically changing inlet b.c. to the WHOLE inlet area via expressions. But what I want to do now is different as only the part of the inlet should be affected by the distortion which geometrically represents the extension of the blade (which is much narrower than the inlet is). Is there a way to achieve this (transitional applied profiled input) ?

Thank you in advance for any comment!


Joe June 21, 2006 12:08

Re: transitional inlet boundary condition
You can specify inlet conditions of arbitrary complexity both spatially and temporaly via user CEL / Fortran etc.

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