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James June 23, 2006 00:47

reference preeure

I was puzzled by the Prssure:reference,relative,absolute.If I set the domain prssure 5000Pa,and the inlet Preesure 80KPa,which both are absolute pressure,How should I set the reference and ralative Pressure?

Thank you for your help. regards,

yolan June 23, 2006 03:49

Re: reference preeure
You could set the reference pressure of the domain in 5000 Pa and the inlet will have a relative pressure (80000-5000) Pa, that's to say, 75000 Pa. Do you understand? You could read "Setting a Reference Pressure" in the Modelling help.Good luck!

James June 23, 2006 20:02

Re: reference preeure

That is to say,Pressure=reference pressure +relative pressure .Am I right?

Got it,thank you. regards,

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