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prayskyer June 23, 2006 07:02

Does CFX can output ".rth" file?
Does CFX can output .rth file? or does that CFX-post can!?

biz,i want to output the distribution of temperature to ANSYs to computate the thermal stress.

hope someone can help me?


Robin June 24, 2006 21:35

Re: Does CFX can output ".rth" file?
From the Solver Manager, look for Export to ANSYS.


prayskyer June 24, 2006 22:47

Re: Does CFX can output ".rth" file?
i tried this as you said!but,just .cdb &. csv ,which these two format are available?

where i can find .rth for export in CFX?


Robin June 25, 2006 19:52

Re: Does CFX can output ".rth" file?
You can't export an RTH file, but the CDB file can be used to do what you are referring to. You'll have to check the ANSYS doc as to what to do with it. I think the heating coil tutorial in CFX may cover this to some extent.


prayskyer June 25, 2006 20:00

Re: Does CFX can output ".rth" file?
thanks a lot,robin:)

i found that heatingcoil example,and trying hard to learn it!seems it refer to that MFS,how can i deal with that part!i think i am going forward so slow~

thanks all of u told me:)

HekLer July 7, 2006 14:07

Re: Does CFX can output ".rth" file?
The export from the CFX Solver Manager will require ANSYS Multiphysics. If you do not have that it will not work for you this way.

The other route is to import your ANSYS structural mesh into CFX Post using the option File -> ANSYS Import/Export. First export your surface mesh from ANSYS in CDB format, then import that into CFX Post using File -> ANSYS Import/Export -> Import ANSYS CDB Surface..., then use Export ANSYS Load file after than.

prayskyer July 7, 2006 20:08

Re: Does CFX can output ".rth" file?
thank you for your replying:)there are two Q i dn't know~

how t export surf mesh from ANSYS,is that format is CDB?

this is what i am understand,importing that surfmesh,and doing my calculation in CFX,and then output the result in the format of "rth" using that button,am i right?

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