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JD June 23, 2006 16:51

Hey all

In some recent CFD readings, it seems some packages offer a mechanism for auto-optimization of a component. I want to do a wing study, where a few variables exist (i.e. angle of incidence/attack, various flap angles), and wonder if CFX has any ability to support this type of automated effort? Ideally, I would like to define edge conditions, and it could run through various combinations using those parameters, and a deformable mesh of some type, to either self-optimize, or to at least generate a results file for each variation.

Any guidance here for a newbie is appreciated.

Joe June 24, 2006 18:58

Re: Auto-optimization?
matlab + matlab optimisation toolbox + proE + CFXpre + CFXsolve + CFXpost = powerfull optimisation combination

Michael Bo Hansen June 26, 2006 02:20

Re: Auto-optimization?
Look at this PDF file. It uses Fluent, but it could probably be done for CFX as well.

Michael Bo Hansen June 26, 2006 02:22

Re: Auto-optimization?

Joe June 26, 2006 05:43

Re: Auto-optimization?
Using traditional gradient based optimisation in CFD applications is often troublesome. Non-gradient based algorithms .e.g. direct search are much more robust.

Generating geometry within optimisation loops loops is often made easier by simply manipulating a CAD package's text based journal file.

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