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Summer Student June 27, 2006 19:24

Difference between pressure & abs pressure in POST
Hi All,

I'm very new to CFX :)

I want to draw pressure at certain plane. I created a variable called Pabsolute which equals pressure plus reference pressure (as I understand from CFX manual). I want to know the difference in CFX-Post between (Pressure + Reference pressure) and existing Absolute Pressure variable. It shows different minimum values and shares same maximum value!!

Thank you

Robin June 27, 2006 19:32

Re: Difference between pressure & abs pressure in
Absolute Pressure is equal to Pressure + Relative Pressure. The difference in your range may be because of hybrid values. CFX has two values stored at nodes, the "Conservative" value corresponds to the control volume, whereas the hybrid value is the boundary condition value. At a wall, pressure is the same whether it is hybrid or conservative, but at inlets and outlets it could be different.

Regards, Robin

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