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Andrew June 30, 2006 16:04

CCL for changing the Schmidt number
Hi, all

I am using following CCL to change the Schmidt number for additional variables. The problem I found is that, for a turbulent flow, a small Schmidt number gave same results as a very big number did. This is not what I expected. Can someone tell the possible reason for this?

Also, whenever I reopen a cfx-pre file, I need redefine the Schmidt number. Is it a bug?

TURBULENT FLUX CLOSURE: Option = Eddy Diffusivity Turbulent Schmidt Number = ### END



V. Kumar July 3, 2006 08:54

Re: CCL for changing the Schmidt number
This should not be the case. Please check that the settings in your ccl file are transferred properly to the def file. Examine the .out file from solver to see if the Schmidt number was REALLY different in two extreme cases. For a small Schmidt number your solution should be more diffusive than for a larger Schmidt number.

Settings in CCL file do not overwrite the .cfx (or cfx-pre) file. It only modifies the def file via the following command:

cfx5cmds -def file.def -text file.ccl -write

I donot think that this is a bug.

Andrew July 3, 2006 18:42

Re: CCL for changing the Schmidt number

I have confirmed that my setting in CCL is the same as what shown in .out file. That's why I was curious about the results.



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