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Andrew June 30, 2006 18:38

CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
Here is a newbie question if there ever was one. I have generated a mesh in ICEM but can't seem to import it to CFX-Pre. Both importing the .uns file as an "Ansys mesh", and importing the .in file (the Ansys simulation input file) as an "ICEM mesh" give errors. I am not using the Workspace. Also, the .in file is more than just the mesh, but I see no way to feed it to CFX. Can someone clarify this for me?

Joe June 30, 2006 19:17

Re: CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
ICEM in CFX mode generates a .msh file which is imported into pre with the ICEM option.

Andrew July 1, 2006 00:00

Re: CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
Thanks for your response, Joe. I am not sure what you mean by CFX mode, but when I export the mesh from ICEM to "Ansys", I get a .in file (which cannot be read by CFX. The same happens when I do Solve Options/Write-View Input File, targetting the Ansys solver. I have never seen an .msh file output. I am completely confused?

Joe July 1, 2006 03:51

Re: CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
Do the CFX specific tutorials in the ICEM manual

Chebeba July 2, 2006 03:03

Re: CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
Make shure you select CFX as solver under the output tab, then export. This will produce a file with .cfx5 extension.

In CFX-Pre, go to mesh import and select "ICEM CFD" as source, then pick the .cfx5 file.


imad July 2, 2006 08:51

Re: CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
if you have cfx 10 you must use workbench to export to cfx

Patrick July 6, 2006 08:41

Re: CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
The Ansys mesh is related to the mechanical calculations. For CFX you have following possibilities: .msh, .cfx5 and .gtm.

Best way: Start up ICEMCFD, follow the menu Settings->Product and set the radio button to "Ansys ICEM CFD - CFX Version".

Then you have to restart ICEMCFD. Afterwards the Output register will have a new design and the button "Output to CFX" will automatically procduce a .msh file. These files can be imported in CFX as an ICEM file.

Good luck

myron July 6, 2006 11:39

Re: CFX mesh import from ICEM (Windows)
Some basic questions:

Which version of ICEM are you using? Which version of CFX are you using?

What do you have in your ICEM license file? OUTPUT, AIOUTCFD, AIOUTCFX - any of these?

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