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Jason July 1, 2006 23:30


I am trying to simulate tank-filling .I can use the isosurface of different temperature to show the process of filling in animation. For example,I set the wall 295 K,the fluid 300K, When I select the 296,297,...,there are big diffenence of the flow. Which is more accuracy?

Maybe there are other methods to show the filling?

Mike July 6, 2006 07:58

Re: tank-filling
As this is a multiphase calculation, you could try using a "partial fraction" of the liquid phase, there is smearing between the two phases, but a value of 20% will mean that your isosurface will be representative of the liquid movement.

Jason July 6, 2006 09:07

Re: tank-filling
Hi Mike,

How to set "partial fraction"? set the air and water volume fraction?A value of 20% means water volume?

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