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V. Kumar July 3, 2006 09:26

Restart of FSI simulation
Hi all

Can anyone tell me how to restart a FSI simulation under the follwoing situations:

1) Restart from the "transient" solution from ANSYS (with no fsi) as an initial field for the FSI simulations.

2) A normal restart from previously stored FSI data.

I know how to make a restart from exisitng CFX solution but not for the case of ANSYS-transient (finite element solution) to MFX computation.

Can anyone explain the way to do this with one example each for the above mentioned situations? Or is it not possible in ANSYS10.0 to make above kind(s) of restarts?


Joe July 3, 2006 11:48

Re: Restart of FSI simulation
What are you using for the FEM calcs? What platform/OS are you running on?

V. Kumar July 3, 2006 13:12

Re: Restart of FSI simulation
I think I mentioned in my previous mail that I am using ANSYS-CFX10.0 for the FSI coupling using MFX. Operating systems Linux Suse9.0 64-bit AMD and Win-XP Intel 32 bit.

wallingj July 20, 2006 13:23

Re: Restart of FSI simulation
I have viewed your ANSYS .dat file from your old item. You have to insert "save" to your old .dat file.

Then use the following steps

1, run the MFX until it finishes itself

2, insert these command to you .dat file /batch,list resume,ANSYS,db /solu mfrs,2.0 mfti,3 solve save

3, restart MFX

Now I am using the same software as you use to solve the FSI problems. I hope we could discuss this MFX program further.

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