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Francesco July 18, 2006 10:36

Split surfaces in CFX-POST
Hello everyone,

is there a way, in CFX-POST to split a surface into two parts, for example above and below the intersection with a user-defined plane? Or, alternatively, calculate functions like areaAve only on part of a surface? Something like areaAve(Pressure)@Surface1 but only up to Z=20...

Thanks Francesco

Robin July 18, 2006 12:10

Re: Split surfaces in CFX-POST
Yes. Create a contour plot on the surface and specify an appropriate range or list of values and number of contours to get the divisions you want, then create a User Surface using the "from Contour" method. Basically, you can create a user surface for every contour level. These user surfaces can then be used as locators for other plots, expressions, etc.

Regards, Robin

Francesco July 18, 2006 14:25

Re: Split surfaces in CFX-POST
Thank you SO much Robin! You can't imagine how much time this saves me... I thought it was not possible and was already thinking of terribly complicated ways to do it, for example exporting the surface coordinates to matlab and all sorts of complicated procedures.


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