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prayskyer July 19, 2006 01:20

how CFX can achive interpolation for mate-property
how CFX can achive interpolation for material property?

i want to import some steam's material property,using interpolating. like piecewise-liner,in fluent.

how can i do in cfx?can i achive that using CEL,and how~

thanks in advance~

opaque July 19, 2006 08:23

Re: how CFX can achive interpolation for mate-prop
Dear prayskier,

do you have discrete data points, or analytical expressions? For the discrete data points you can create either 1d dimensional interpolation functions (assuming depends only on T or p).. For 2d (T and P), you can create an RGP file and define your material properties in it (several materials supplied by CFX use RGP files).

If you have analytical expressions, just type them in on the RHS of the CCL parameter for the particular properties. If the equation is too complex and cannot be done via CEL, you still can write a User CEL Function (see documentation)

Also, where does the steam data comes from? CFX has some steam data (wet and dry, high and low pressure) already in their database. For 11.0, I understand that more steam data is coming out (IAWPS equations).

Failing all the above, I will contact CFX help directly since they do steam calculations themselves all the time..

Good luck,


prayskyer July 20, 2006 03:12

Re: how CFX can achive interpolation for mate-prop
thanks very much for replying this for me~

i found the steam data file in CFX,in that"……etc/materials-extra-materials-virial.ccl",am i right?

my reference presure=14atm,and temperature=1400K,more or less,using dry steam~ the mostup temperature in steamHP.rgp is 900K,not enough for me.Must I creat an HGP file,and find some data when steam temp is 1400K?

could you give some advice for me? thanks a lot~

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