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Felix July 24, 2006 10:19

particle user routines
Hi all, I hope someone can give me an advice for the solution of my problem: I'd like to calculate the absorption of particles at the wall as a function of wall shear stress (simplified). But you can not pass the wall shear stress to the particle user routine, because it is not listed in the list of input arguments in the "wall interaction" field. My ideas to solve this problem:

1. User CEL function which uses instead of a user subroutine (tutorial 9) a particle user routine.

2. a possibility to read the value of wall shear stress within the particle user routine.

3. any other idea?

Cheers, Felix

hdj July 24, 2006 12:32

Re: particle user routines
Hello Felix,

I believe you can express your model in terms of particle momentum source components, particle diameter and something else. They are all available for using as input in particle user routine.

You can also write a junction box routine that will be called every iteration.


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