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Luk July 25, 2006 07:19

Free Surface Simple problem
Dear All, I am new here, I came from Fluent Forum. I am completly new in Ansys and having some experience with Fluent I try to solve Fluent tutorials in Ansys as practice. I try to model rotating cylinder filled partly with water. There is air over the water surface. I proceed as follow: I created and mesh geometry consting of two meet cylinders. At bottom cylinder there is water fraction initiated to be unity. On the upper cylinder there is air fraction initiated to be unity (and water to 0). Both cylinders are along the same axis and are separated domains. I set an interface between them but I am not able to solve such a arrangement. Solver gives the message of error of too small memory amount (not possible). Pleasy, coule anyone advice the type of interface, is "air" cylinder should be set to be rotating domain, etc. I would be very grateful.


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