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lu July 27, 2006 04:51

Transient for Pelton bucket in CFX 10.0
Hello! I've just modelled a Pelton bucket with a lock water jet. I've used a Fortran subroutine to write my input file; in the boundary INLET, water velocity was zero, except in the area of the jet. Now I need to simulate the transient and I'd want to write several input file, one for every timestep. Can I give these file as boundary condition? I don't know if CFX 10.0 accept an INLET which changes with the time and the 3 spatial coordinates. Thanks for your aid!

Glenn Horrocks July 27, 2006 17:44

Re: Transient for Pelton bucket in CFX 10.0

Why do you need a fortran subroutine to define the inlet file? Why do you want to move the inlet? Isn't the simplest idea to have the inlet stationary and the wheel rotates? Then you can use the rotating frame of reference tools in CFX which are quite powerful.

Glenn Horrocks

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