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Kjetil W July 31, 2006 05:43

Two phase convergence problem
Hi. I'm simulating a two phase(gas and liquid) flow through some piping that consists of some bends and different pipe-sizes(mostly 12", 10", 8").

Total massflow: 75 kg/s

Volume Fraction= 0,3(liquid) and 0,7(gas)



Density liquid=920kg/m3

Molar mass gas= 25

Kinematic viscosity=15cSt (@80C)

I have troubles with getting a good convergence. Since this is my first multiphase simulation, I am wondering if there is any common mistakes to do in multiphase sim. I'm not sure about the morphology either. I have tried with both phases as continuous, and with gas as dispersed. How will this affect the results? Im looking for the pressure drop through the piping.

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