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Nicola July 31, 2006 08:35

RGP file for steam
Hello everybody,

I need to simulate a diffuser of a steam turbine. I defined a new material from table and I used SteamL.rgp default file but I have some values out of table and so my simulation stops. Is there a way to increase range values of the table? Do you know a website where I can download .rgp files?

Thank you!

deLuther July 31, 2006 15:26

Re: RGP file for steam
As I know this steam tables were generated by RGP generator from TASCflow... If you can obtain this generator then... But I don`t remember about allowable ranges.

HekLeR August 8, 2006 22:51

Re: RGP file for steam
In CFX 10 you have two choices:

TASCflow RGP generator (your support rep can possibly help you)

Redlich Kwong equation of state instead. Load the MATERIALS-redkw.ccl file and pick H2ORK.

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