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Roland August 7, 2006 17:47

creation of 3d bodies within an assembly
Hi all

This is a followup to an earlier thread. Im trying to model airflow through an engine bay for a car. I want to use a momentum sink for the radiator, as this is much simpler than is modeling fins/tubes/etc. Problem is, I have no clue as to how to define the radiator as a separate 3d region within a single assembly created in Design Modeler. Effectively, I need to create a domain for the chassis/engine, and a subdomain for the radiator (to apply the momentum loss through that area), but since the radiator is geometrically contained within the bounds of the chassis, I dont know how to physically model it. Any guidance is appreciated-


longbow August 8, 2006 11:49

Re: creation of 3d bodies within an assembly
You can use "Add Frozen" to create a domain inside a big one.

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