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pierre August 9, 2006 03:44

Specify fluid in domain with CFX pre

I am currently trying to simulate a two phase flow with gas and liquid in a pipe. The liquid is a film of constant thickness flowing on a wall. The gas also occupies a constant section in the pipe. An axi-symmetric assumption enables to work on an half of the domain. The wall is modelised by steel with a non null thickness (heat transfer is targeted). So there are 3 components in the case.

To help convergence and avoid the use of inhomogeous equations for fluid dynamics, I have defined 3 domains, each of constant section: One for Gas, one for the film and one for the wall. Interface bc's are considered to allow transfer between domains.

The problem is that it is currently impossible to impose differents fluids in respectives gas and film domains. Any specification of one component in any of these two zones has for consequence to impose the same component in the other.

Any tips from a super-CFX user?

Kind regards


Ram Dayal August 10, 2006 02:16

Re: Specify fluid in domain with CFX pre
Hi, I hope you are facing the same problem I have faced while modeling counter flow heat exchanger. I think you should try this: Set the environment variable: CFX5_NO_CONSTANT_PHYSICS = T before starting CFX-Pre. Then define a seperate domain for each of the two fluid regions - each will be allowed to have a different fluid. Bye Ram Dayal

pierre August 10, 2006 04:48

Re: Specify fluid in domain with CFX pre
Yes, it works. Nevertheless, I had to change the bcs between the two fluids domain to prevent from crashing, wall with heat ransfer works but "domain interface" does not.



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