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elia81 August 9, 2006 09:23

gear Pump
Hi to everyone I have to simulate a gear pump for finish my study, do you know what is the best way? I had try to make a simulation with mesh deformation but i have a lot of problem i don't know a lot of things,how can i make the step next the first?.... In the tutorial 20 i see the way that i have to follow but there is a lot of things that i don't know what i have to do for my pump. the tutorial 20 run good but when i try to follow that way for my gear pump there's a lot of trouble. When the solver try to update the mesh give me a error an create about 200000 negative volume and crash the solve...Help me please or tell me where i can find a help.. Thanks so much have a nice day Elia Zenato

steph August 23, 2006 23:25

Re: gear Pump
hello Elia, i want to do the same than you, i would like to do the simulation of an external gear pump and then do the same for an internal gear pump. I did already simulation with matlab and simulink for the flow ripple and pressure ripple but now i would like to do the dynamique simulation did you get some news about the way to simulate it?

badri.yajamaan April 22, 2010 04:35

CFD analysis of Internal gear Pump at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.(Not the G
I am working on the project CFD analysis of Internal gear Pump at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.(Not the Georotor type)
I am new to this CFd field. but i am getting training on this.

MY project objectives are
1) To increase the output flow of the internal gear pump by analysing the flow(The pump designd on experience basis inthe company whare i am working this project).
2) To stdy the turbulence exists in the flow
3) to avoid the leakage in long run

please help me to carry my project successfully

Thanking you

ghorrocks April 22, 2010 07:20

Are you using CFX V12? It has a new immersed body feature which makes this model possible. It also has a tutorial example of a gear pump which will be a very good starting point for you. In previous versions of CFX this analysis will be VERY difficult.

badri.yajamaan June 2, 2010 11:54

Fluent 2.4.6
i am using fluent 2.4.6.
sorry for the late reply.

Please update me.
regArds ]

ghorrocks June 2, 2010 18:36

Wrong forum. Try the fluent forum.

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