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prayskyer August 17, 2006 04:08

Blade Loading turbo Chart?
when i use that blade loading turbo chart,i found the temperature isn't appraprate, a little bit more higher, is there a range when i came out the temprature^?

mausam24 August 17, 2012 02:46

blade loading chart
how can we get blade loading chart for different blade loading span
for example: chart for 20%of blade span? in CFX result

csmistry August 23, 2012 11:46

Blade loading is basicaly showing pressure variation on blade surface. that in aerodynamic term we say Cp. It is batter to go through this cp plot!!! secondly blade loading feature in turbo mode gives an option to see blade loading at different span...

mausam24 August 24, 2012 00:20

thank you for reply.I cannot properly map the pressure in CFX and FEM. can there be any better way to perform it . i am performing the mechanical Design of Francis turbine using FSI?

csmistry August 26, 2012 05:30

Not much idea for turbomachines but you can consider pressure distribution on blade surface and use this data for FEM analysis considering cantilever beam and hub to be fix end load as pressure load already obtain from CFX. in start up manu only you can do it.

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