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Manish Gupta August 17, 2006 07:58

Frozen-Roter problem
Dear all,

i am working on a problem "flow studies inside the runner and draft tube of a francis turbine" i am taking runner as a rotationg part and draft tube as a stationary,but i am not able create interphase between rotor and stator component.please give me some idea i am doing this simulation in CFX it a problem of meshing or something elso please help me

Manish Gupta August 17, 2006 08:00

Re: Frozen-Rotor problem *NM*

Bian August 17, 2006 08:09

Re: Frozen-Roter problem
More info please. As long as you can find a virtual surface to separate rotor and stator, you can define the interface there. However, bad position of the interface affects solution accuracy or convergence.

Turbine August 17, 2006 08:20

Re: Frozen-Roter problem
When using frozen rotor, be careful to have same areas on the stn part as well as the rotatingpart whenre you want to give interface, else all your engg variables will nto be transported conservatively between 2 domains


Robin August 17, 2006 13:35

Re: Frozen-Roter problem - ALWAYS CONSERVATIVE
This is not true. All the transported variables are conserved across a GGI, whether it be Frozen Rotor, Stage or just a grid connection.


HekLeR September 5, 2006 21:54

Re: Frozen-Roter problem
One word to describe GT's response: rubbish.

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