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CFDworker August 29, 2006 03:47

CFX and windows 64bit

Does anyone have experience with WinXP-64bit and the memory handling?

I am looking for a maschine that can partition large jobs for running on an existing winXP-32bit system. My current winXP-32bit master node is running out of memory during partition, and the /3Gb switch does not seem to work for me. Since this is a current bottleneck, I am looking for a 64bit solution. I do not have experience with Linux, so I am looking for the easy windows solution. But before buying the maschine, I wnat to make sure that the WinXP-64bit is able to allocate the memory in large chunks, and not like in win32bit where only part of the RAM is accessible. Has anyone tried this in 64bit?

Best regards


Joe August 29, 2006 03:57

Re: CFX and windows 64bit
Real numerical analysts use Linux.

Grab Ubuntu and youre all set ...

Michael August 29, 2006 09:57

Re: CFX and windows 64bit
sorry Joe, but I disagree

real numerical analysts, hmmm. I could be insulted by that remark as over the years I have used several systems, Unix, Linux and Windows (might even do some OSX testing for giggles). Computers are a tool, a means to an end. I can argue that my work on Windows will be no different than computed on Linux. I work on platforms I am comfortable with and currently fit within my companies IT infrastructure (Microsoft) (unfortunate hurdle, but one I hope to twist a few arms). I would prefer to run a mix of Windows and Linux, with Linux running most of the large CFD simulations, but not to say that Windows is any less capable of providing results for a numerical analyst.

true that CFX10 for Windows is only available in the win32 flavor, but CFX11 is being released shortly with a win64 build. Temporary inconvenience uunfortunately, but one that is being corrected by Ansys-CFX. As the original author stated, little to no Linux experience. This can be a huge undertaking for someone unfamiliar with the Linux OS.

short summary for WindowsXP64

Robin August 29, 2006 12:24

Re: CFX and windows 64bit
Even with the 32 bit version of ANSYS CFX 10.0, you will see benefits by running on Windows XP-64. Namely that the 32 bit version will actually be able to access 4 GB of RAM, rather than <2GB.

If you download CFX 11.0 Preview 5 from the ANSYS Customer Portal, you can use the 64 bit solver on XP to partition the job and save a .par file. This par file can then be used by the 10.0 solver.

For the record, ANSYS is not "correcting" the lack of a 64 bit version of CFX for Windows XP64, it is releasing it for the first time now that the OS is available. The lack of 64 bit support on Windows XP64 in release 10.0 was due to the fact the OS did not exist in a stable form for this release.

Joe: relax a little on the doctrine :)

Regards, Robin

CFDworker August 30, 2006 00:54

Re: CFX and windows 64bit
Thank you for the replies. I can see that there is hope for me going for a winXP 64-bit solution, even on CFX-10.0.

I also had ANSYS support partion a large job for me, and this way I could test the .par file option with a 6.000.000 Hexa-node DES computation. This way I was able to run the job on a existing 10 pc winXP 32-bit cluster, where each pc has 2Gigs of RAM. This really convinced me that I need a machine with better memory handling (64-bit), since this was something I could never do before.


Bian September 5, 2006 10:17

Re: CFX and windows 64bit
I found that 32-bit executables can address more than 2GB RAM under XP64. Now I know it actually can access 4GB.

HekLeR September 5, 2006 21:46

Re: CFX and windows 64bit
Not CFX solver executables.

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