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actone September 4, 2006 09:06

rotating wall / mesh motion
hi, atm i'm trying to rotate a wing mounted in a tunnel test section (unsteady simulation) by deforming mesh but the specified displacement (in mesh motion) can only be set in cartesian coordinates. is there any cel function to rotate a wall? any suggestion?

thank you in advance.

Glenn Horrocks September 4, 2006 17:06

Re: rotating wall / mesh motion

Or what about changing the inlet and/or outlet flow direction and leaving the mesh unchanged?

Glenn Horrocks

actone September 5, 2006 02:18

Re: rotating wall / mesh motion
hi, the test section is rectangular: 2.4 long and 0.192 high (it's a confined configuration) so i don't see how i can do that. i've done some computations in sliding mesh in infinite configuration (like a square domain of 2.4*2.4) but this is not possible in confined (the interface is too close to the wall, the foil chord is 0.15...). I don't see other solution than mesh motion but i'm open to any other one.


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