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Antonis September 11, 2006 16:31

Problem setting boundary condition from file
Hi all!

I doing a simulation on a boundary layer, so I need exact boundary conditions, data taken from DNS. When using the BSL Reynolds stress model, I need to set as turbulence quantities the Reynolds stresses (uu,vv,ww and uv/it's 2-D) and the epsilon. I prepare the data file, according to the cfx manual and then load it into CFX. However, when I try and start the simulation, I receive an error saying that the specified by me reynolds stresses cannot be read because they contain an "unrecognised name". I'm using as variable names the "rs uu" etc. ,as explained in the manual. I cannot understand where the problem is.

Any help would be highly appreciated!!


Joe September 11, 2006 16:53

Re: Problem setting boundary condition from file
Run the simulation without user specified inlet conditions for a few iterations. Open the results file in post and export the quantities you are interested in for the inlet only. Have at look at the format of the file, including naming. Re-work this example file to contain your DNS data.

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