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Qiang September 11, 2006 23:19

problems of turbo simulation in CFX-10
I performed a simulation of one stage of a HP steam turbine in CFX-10. I faced with some problems I have not found before in CFX 5.7.

0) It is unnecessary to input dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity in the CFX 5.7 when using the table of steam properties(steamHP). But in CFX-10, they are necessary; otherwise error messages will jump out. I don't know why. When I input these two parameters, one error still exists. but the solver can run.

1, CFX solver can not converge when applying Total P&T boundary condition at inlet, static pressure at outlet.

2, Total P&T are less than static parameters at inlet in CFX-Post. (When using mass flow rate & static T at inlet, static P at outlet)

3), I try to use the R-K(Redlich & Kwong) equation to calculate the properties of dry steam, but I get a wrong static enthalpy at inlet and outlet.

Is there anyone know the reason for this? All you suggestion will be high appreciated!

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