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Cory Miller September 21, 2006 14:05

Import Pro/E to CFX
I am unable to import my Pro/E assembly to CFX. I am a new CFX user and found forums that said you need to import Pro/E files from a "active import" while the Pro/E file is open. What do you suggest?

Joe September 21, 2006 14:50

Re: Import Pro/E to CFX
I use two methods to import my geometries from pro-engineer into CFX.

The IGES like method: export your pro-engineer solid as Catia version 4 file. This can be directly imported into Icem CFD.

The direct access geometry method: you have to set up pro-engineer and ANSYS workbench with the appropriate plug-ins. This will allow workbench to attach to a open pro-engineer model. Installing and how to use this approach is explained in the workbench documentation.

Joe September 21, 2006 14:53

Re: Import Pro/E to CFX
You can also install a plug-in into pro-engineer which allows you to specify mesh parameters within pro-engineer. This allows you to directly write an ICEM geometry file ready to be later meshed within ICEM.

Astrid September 24, 2006 16:20

Re: Import Pro/E to CFX
If you do not have a license, you can use an indirect route via iges- or parasolid- (*.x_t, *.x_b) files to import your geometry into ICEM of Workbench.


Cory Miller September 25, 2006 12:21

Re: Import Pro/E to CFX

With that info I was able to import a solid object, however it is an assembly of solid objects that I am needing to export from ProE to CFX. The method given does not work with an assembly.

It seems as though I may have to resolve the assembly into a single solid body before I can export from ProE to CFX? Any further suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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