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Bruno October 4, 2006 08:40

I'd like to know anything about the use of CFX to solve turbulence simulations by LES. I'm a researcher simulation and dispersion of pollutants around buildings using numerical solutions.


Joe October 4, 2006 08:54

Re: CFX and LES
Google + RTFM

ben akih October 4, 2006 13:08

Re: CFX and LES
hi bruno, i wonder whether this is possible with cfx 10. there is some information about LES in the user manual but LES as a turbulence model option is not listed in the CFX Pre. I have not worked with LES but as i hear it can be quite challenging to prescribe the boundary and initial condition. do some literature research on that. most people working with les rather use in house codes. good luck ben

johnny October 4, 2006 13:12

Re: CFX and LES
LES is available in Pre - assuming you have set up a transient simulation. Obviously it is not available for steady state.

Jens October 4, 2006 15:40

Re: CFX and LES

Yes this it dully possible. I have used it. Also check HSL homepage for report on LES and CFX.



Ademola October 5, 2006 12:29

Re: CFX and LES
Well, LES is one of the three major ways to solve dispersed flow problems. The other two are RANS and DNS. The beauty of LES is that the dynamics of large particles are calculated directly while the small droplets are accounted for in more precise manner.

It is however computationally expensive to execute.

Contact me if you don't mind, I did a research relating to dispersed flow too.

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