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Arj October 6, 2006 00:50

Hi All,

I know this maybe a no-brainer, but I'm Ansys cfx dummy. I was wondering how do I change the axes in which my geometry is already defined as. As in I what the y-axis to represent a different direction of my geometry. (I am NOT referring in how to actually change the view). Cheers

sivarama1 March 19, 2009 00:24

how to change axis
Go to CFX PRE:in that domain enter some options will show
cordinates in that will change x or y or z

LKF March 19, 2009 07:27

Two ways come to mind in CFX-Pre.

1. Right click on your mesh file in the tree and select 'Transform Mesh'. This will allow you translate, rotate, reflect, or scale the mesh. You can either copy the original or delete the original. I suspect in your case you will delete the original.

2. You can add multiple coordinate systems in Pre, which you can use as reference coordinate systems for BC's.

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