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imothep October 6, 2006 03:32

Blademodeler and Fan
hi all how can transform XYZ coordinates of fan to meridional M-prime,Theta as bladgen input

deLuther October 7, 2006 04:33

Re: Blademodeler and Fan
You can use rtzt file format if you just wish to import your geometry into bladegen. Assume you have pairs of XYZ coordinates (pressure side and suction side) by some layers. Then you already have Z coordinate. Second you can find middle point and thickness t from these pairs. And you can use coordinates of middle points to get r and theta. i.e. {xm,ym}={xp+xs,yp+ys}/2, t=sqrt((xp-xs)^2+(yp-ys)^2),r=sqrt(xm^2+ym^2),theta=arctan(ym/xm) Just see description of rtzt format in help and write convertor... This is my way.

imothep October 7, 2006 15:16

Re: Blademodeler and Fan
thanks deluther

deLuther October 9, 2006 06:15

Re: Blademodeler and Fan
some addition to my previous post. I assume that Z goes through axis of rotation, X in direction of blade and Y in side direction. So sign consideration is important in particular case, my formulas is general. Layers according to bladegen principles. I made such thing once for radial compressor.

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